Through my practice I have come to foster a relationship with space that is in many ways a mindful meditation, where the challenge is to always approach space as though for the first time, as through a child's eyes.


Having grown up in such a culturally diverse household, it is easy to see how this is reflected in my body of work, which ranges from dreamlike interiors, to minimalist figurations and highly rendered portraits.


With backgrounds that tend towards minimalism and symbolism - where space is never 'negative', even when it is empty - the aim is fixed on capturing the freshness and energy of a sketch.


However, my greatest inspiration is the human form, and as such my artistic output has come to be defined by a diverse approach, with each piece or series emphasising the alignment of form with purpose.

Loribelle Spirovski was born in 1990 to a Filipino mother and a Yugoslav father. 

She lives and works in Sydney Australia.  Loribelle graduated in 2012 from the College of Fine Arts at the University of New South Wales with a Bachelor of Art Education. She has since exhibited in Australia, Europe, the UK and the United States with works collected all around the world and has developed a reputation as a highly sought after young artist on the international scene. 

Loribelle is represented by:

Arcadia Contemporary


Metro Gallery


Nanda Hobbs

The House of Fine Art London