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"Having grown up with my mother in the Philippines, when I moved to Australia at the age of nine, I was struck by the stark differences. Accustomed to being the only mixed-raced person in a room, Sydney was a multicultural haven that plunged me into a vat of global influences. The land itself was physically so different, the only similarity being the same grey concrete. The plants were different. The soil was red and crumbled in my hands. With a newly met Serbian Orthodox father to get to know, the Catholic church took on a less central role in my life.


When I paint, the insistence of my history is laid bare. I intuitively draw from diverse sources of inspiration which show a past that continues to live in my present, whether through religious imagery and storytelling, or the feeling of being an alien in a foreign land. Thrown into the mix is the birth of the internet and its rapacious growth; the experience of being online in many ways mirrors the process of emigrating as a child from a developing to a first-world country; a child who, though still young, was old enough to know; to see; to understand.


Perhaps this is what draws me to the tension between working in a traditional medium such as oil paint and telling stories that present unmistakable references to the digital world. It is this tension that I am most intrigued by, and which continues to fuel me creatively. The tension of past and present, traditional and radical, movement and stillness, doubt and belief."

Loribelle Spirovski



Loribelle Spirovski was born in Manila in 1990 to a Filipina mother and a Serbian-Macedonian father. After meeting her father for the first time at the age of seven the family emigrated to Australia when she was nine years old. She attended Bonnyrigg High School and went on to study at the College of Fine Arts in 2008, graduating with a degree in Art Education in 2012. Her professional practice is characterised by a highly varied and experimental approach to painting, with a focus on portraiture and figurative/landscape hybrids that draw from stylistic precursors such as Francis Bacon, David Hockney, Velazquez, Goya, and Fra Angelico, to name a few. Her works have been exhibited and collected internationally and have been selected as finalists in art prizes including the Archibald, Portia Geach and Lester Prize. She lives in Sydney, Australia with her husband, concert pianist and writer Simon Tedeschi.

Loribelle is represented by:

Arcadia Contemporary


Metro Gallery


Nanda Hobbs

The House of Fine Art London